Outdoor Play Space

The main outdoor play area is large, secure and is a safe area for children to play in.  This area has been developed to promote the ethos of learning through play.  The children have the benefit of playing in a real car, the mud kitchen a sand tray, water tray and wood bark chips, stones, and the garden as well as the little house.  There is a large selection of trikes, scooters, and cars for children of all ages to play on.  Loose parts play and adventurous play is always popular, and an assault course is often put together by the children themselves.  A new garden was developed in 2014 which gives children the opportunity to plant flowers, fruit and vegetables and learn how they grow.  A great deal of messy play takes place outdoors and we have invested in a climbing frame.  We have a separate area for the smaller children to play in with padded mats for the younger ones who have not quite found their feet.

The fitted sun canopy and gazebos provide ideal shade from the sun and in the winter months we provide all the children with warm all in ones.  Many of the activities that are planned will be undertaken outside because children thrive when they are outdoors, and the outdoor environment gives many opportunities for being creative and physical.  Although a great deal of time is spent on the premises we do go down to the river and up to the local mountains often so that the children can appreciate the area that we live in.  Children love being creative in the natural environment and especially with natural resources such as sticks and stones.

We also have a small parcel of land adjacent to the nursery where forest school sessions take place along with many other activities such as fun days in the summer and sports days.

I feel Corwen Day Nursery go above and beyond in regards to health and well being. Being outdoors is a very important factor for us as a family, and at the nursery the children are encouraged to play outdoors come rain or shine! My little boy loves the outdoor area at the nursery and enjoys their walks and outdoor adventures! The meals provided by the nursery are nutritious, tasty and offer variety. Also, they offer the opportunity to cook and bake with a member of staff and I believe this encourages them to begin to understand what goes into their food and where their food comes from.

Llio Davies

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