Please note that milk is served at snack and water at breakfast, lunch and tea.

Breakfast - 09.15Breakfast - 09.15Breakfast - 09.15Breakfast - 09.15Breakfast - 09.15
Shreddies, rice krispies, weetabix, fresh fruit.Shreddies, rice krispies, weetabix, fresh fruit.Shreddies, rice krispies, weetabix, fresh fruit.Shreddies, rice krispies, weetabix, fresh fruit.Shreddies, rice krispies, weetabix, fresh fruit.
Snack - 10.45Snack - 10.45Snack - 10.45Snack - 10.45Snack - 10.45
Crumpets with butter, fruitBreadsticks, fresh fruitCheese cubes and appleBreadsticks, fresh fruitBagels with cheese spread, fresh fruit
Lunch - 11.45Lunch - 11.45Lunch - 11.45Lunch - 11.45Lunch - 11.45
Mild chicken curry with raisins, onions, peas, rice mushrooms and sweet cornStrawberries and grapesRoast pork, stuffing, potatoes, carrots and cauliflower cheese Gammon ham, peas, mashed potato and cheese sauceHome made creamy cod pie with peas, sweetcorn and potatoes
YoghurtHome made cottage pie with onions, mushrooms, carrots peas and potatoesYoghurtHome made apple crumble with custardYoghurt
Snack - 2.15Snack - 2.15Snack - 2.15Snack - 2.15Snack - 2.15
Breadsticks, fresh fruitCrackers with cheese, fruitBreadsticks, fresh fruitCrackers with cheese, fruitBreadsticks, fresh fruit
Tea - 3.30Tea - 3.30Tea - 3.30Tea - 3.30Tea - 3.30
Home made ham, cheese and tomato pizzas, garlic breadBeans on ToastHome made pasta bolognese containing tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and carrotsFish finger sandwichCheese and crackers carrot & cucumber sticks
Home made fruit scone, fruitYoghurt and fruitCheese and crackers with fresh fruitYoghurt and fruitHome made chocolate brownies, fruit

I can’t fault Corwen day nursery's food, its 10 out of 10! Very healthy, delicious, nutritious, varied menu that my little one loves! And plenty of it as well

Carys Powell-Davies

Our nursery provide a 3 week rota full of healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. The menu includes family favourites like pasta bolognese to things we hadn't tried at home but have now included in our own home cooking. Nursery provide a nutritional breakdown of the menu which clearly shows that children get more than enough of the essential parts in their diet. All food is freshly cooked on site. Children learn about healthy eating and cooking frequently (our 2 yr old's class recently helped make vegetable soup). The nursery really hold healthy food as an important part in the service they deliver. I've sampled food on open evenings and is very tasty, nursery is filled with lovely smells of home cooking when I pick our child's a shame they don't feed the parents too!

Michelle Kay

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