The Curriculum for Wales

The Foundation Phase and the seven areas of learning – an overview

We follow The Foundation Phase which currently has seven areas of learning and is a holistic approach that allows children to learn through play and experience the World around them.  It encourages children to be creative and imaginative and makes learning more enjoyable and more effective.  The seven areas of learning will support the development of children and their skills and is not approached in isolation but complement each other and work together to provide a cross-curricular approach to form a practical relevant curriculum. 

To be effective children should be able to exercise choice, participate, be involved, initiate, and direct their own leaning over a period of time.  Children will learn from first-hand, exploratory, and practical hands on activities and will be appropriately challenged and supported by the staff and learning environment.  The learning environment flows between continuous, enhanced, and focused activities that reflect and engage children’s interest both indoors and outdoors.  Children will be able to choose resources that they wish to play with and develop independence in their learning.  Staff will plan developmentally, appropriate engaging learning opportunities informed by regular observation and assessment of children’s abilities. 

Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity (Health and Well Being)

Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity is at the heart of the foundation phase and children will learn about themselves and relationships with others.  Children will be able to express their needs confidently and will experience a warm and caring relationship with staff.  As they progress with us the children will gradually learn to become more independent by serving their own water and snacks.  Children are taught good table manners and etiquette from a young age. Through social play the children come to appreciate the importance of taking others needs and feelings into account and how to form positive relationships with others.  They will learn to care for both the immediate environment and the wider world around them.  We have set up a self-registration system where the children place their picture and name on a happy or sad face dependant on how they feel that day which opens up the opportunity to discuss how they feel.  We celebrate different cultures and help children recognise and gain a positive awareness of their own and other cultures as well as appreciating the value of the diversity that exists in multi-cultural Wales.  The children are supported to become confident, competent, and independent thinkers.

Language, Literacy and Communication Skills (Languages, Literacy and Communication)

Children are immersed in language experiences and activities and will be encouraged to communicate their needs, feelings, and thoughts.  Members of staff encourage children to listen to both adults and other children in conversation, to talk confidently in a variety of situations, to develop an enthusiasm for books of all kinds and to develop early literacy skills.  Children will be read to daily in both individual and group situations.  We regularly visit the local library where children can enjoy books and select books to read in the nursery.  For the first time last year with the support of parents, some children joined the reading challenge and were very proud to receive their medals and certificates.  There are a variety of mark making materials both indoors and outdoors and circle time which takes place daily along with show and tell provides the ideal opportunity to both speak and listen.  Being a bilingual nursery children are exposed to both Welsh and English daily.

Mathematical Development (Mathematics and Numeracy)

Maths is not just about number; children are taught about shape, size, capacity, space, money, time and measuring.  Activities involving sorting, matching, comparing, making patterns and sequences, baking, planting, board games, number songs and rhymes are featured regularly in the nursery curriculum along with role play and the development of early mathematical and scientific thoughts.  We work with the numicon in the preschool room which is a multisensory approach to arithmetic teaching for children.  The numicon uses patterns to represent each numeral; these patterns are structured so that number relationships can be seen in a way not provided by written numerals.  We also teach children to count with real life objects and we play a lot of guessing games.  Children are taught about spatial awareness and introduced to maps and they play with building blocks so that there is an opportunity to learn about shapes and sizes.  Number tables have been set up in the preschool room and maths has been introduced to dancing.

Welsh Language Development (Languages, Literacy and Communication)

The Foundation Phase will be introduced to the children at the nursery through the medium of both Welsh and English.  Children will appreciate the different languages, images, objects, sounds and tastes that are integral in Wales today and gain a sense of belonging to Wales, and understand the Welsh heritage, literature, and arts as well as the language.  Ffrindiau’r Wyddor has been introduced which is a way of learning the Welsh alphabet through singing.  The staff have each put together a chatter box and share the items in the box with the children who are given the opportunity to practice their listening skills as well as the opportunity to ask questions.  We will develop this further and ask the children if they would like to put together a chatterbox at home and bring it in to nursery to develop their oral skills.  Makaton has been introduced at nursery and the children learn a new sign each week and visual signs have been placed around the nursery as well as learning songs.

Children will learn to use and communicate in Welsh to the best of their ability and will listen to Welsh being spoken and be encouraged to communicate their needs in Welsh.  The children’s oral experiences will be used to develop their reading skills and they will be encouraged to choose and use Welsh reading materials.  The nursery is a member of Mudiad Meithrin and attends many of their events.  The nursery works closely with the two local Welsh schools and transport the older children to and from these schools.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Science and Technology)(Humanities)

Children will experience the familiar world by using their senses through exploring, asking questions, investigation and experimenting in both the outdoor and indoor environment.  They also develop an understanding of the wider environment, the changing seasons, and the natural world through outings in the local community and walks.  Whilst working in the nursery garden they are learning to care for living things by planting, weeding, and tending to seeds, this also allows for the observation of plants and mini beasts.  Our own mud kitchen has been a big hit giving children an opportunity for creative messy play and other scientific experiments.  Children are taught about places, events, and people from the past as well as the present and how diverse the world is.  We embrace the forest school ethos, and we spend a great deal of time in the local forest especially during the holidays.  The children thrive whilst learning outdoors and the local woodland is resource rich.  Spending time in the forest allows the children to develop an interest in their natural surroundings and a respect for the environment.  We encourage children to develop their digital skills through using iPads, digital cameras, bee bots, electronic clipboards, and a giant iPad.

Physical Development (Health and Well – Being)

Corwen Day Nursery has invested in the “Busy Feet” toolkit which aims to educate children on the importance of being active and healthy.  The children sing along to the CD whilst being active at least once a day.  Opportunities for energetic activity will be provided daily and the outdoor area allows children to develop skills in jumping, climbing, balancing, riding bicycles and ball games as well as running.  We also go for regular walks in the community and to the local forest and mountains.  We dance to fast music and teach children about spatial awareness and co-ordination.  We are a member of “The Daily Mile” which aims to get children outside and fit for learning.  Our children who are aged 2 or above jog or run outdoors for 15 minutes each day.  The children also enjoy practicing “Pili Pala yoga” which is proven to have a positive impact on both the child’s physical and mental wellbeing as well as developing skills for life such as strengthening the mind and enhancing physical flexibility.

Creative Development (Expressive Arts)

Children will be encouraged to develop their imagination and express their creativity in a wide variety of ways through a range of materials including painting, drawings, music, dance and movement, making collages, model making, play dough and role play.  Each room has a natural resources area and a messy play area, and their natural curiosity is stimulated by sensory experiences such as painting with spices.

The new Curriculum for Wales

The new curriculum for Wales will be rolled out throughout Wales by 2022 and will have six area of learning because the Welsh Language will come under Languages, Literacy and Communication

The four purposes of the curriculum will be to support our children and young people to be:

  • ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives
  • enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work
  • ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world
  • healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society

A wonderful venue with fabulous staff who genuinely adore the children in their care. Leaving my daughter at a nursery was something that troubled me at first as she was so much younger than my eldest had been, but getting back to work was a necessity and I struck gold with Corwen Day Nursery. They put my mind at ease from day 1 and my daughter  always had a fabulous time. She's stimulated with crafts, games, socialising and learning through play which she delights in telling me about. She is growing into a strong, sweet 3 year old which I couldn't be prouder of and Corwen Day Nursery has had a big hand in her development toward that. Thank you to you all for just being fab!

Naomi Riley

My son is three years old and thoroughly enjoys attending this setting. Hanna is very welcoming which reassures my son when it is time for me to leave on a daily basis. My son enjoys participating in the daily activities that Hanna provides and he likes to tell me what he has been doing. I am very happy with the way that my son is progressing and his literacy and numeracy skills are impressive for a child of his age. It is very reassuring that my son has been so well cared for and that all his needs are being met!

Charlotte Davies

Corwen day nursery provides brilliant care for my two children. The staff are lovely and very helpful. The meals are great. My daughter loves to go to nursery and it's helped her development no end and her transition to rising 3's so much easier.

Kayleigh Hancox

I cannot praise Corwen Day Nursery enough for the level of care they have provided for my children. Both boys thoroughly enjoy attending. The variety of activities they have on offer is refreshing to see. A massive thank you to all the lovely staff - it makes going to work that little bit easier.

Fay Davies

I had been dreading leaving my first born and going back to work after my maternity leave but after going to the induction at the nursery and seeing how well looked after the children were, I had no doubts about leaving him at the nursery. He has been there for two years now and it's fantastic to see him develop into a well-mannered, fun-loving individual because of what they teach him! I have no doubt that I'll also be sending his sister to the nursery in the Summer term.

Llio Davies

Corwen day nursery provides excellent quality service. Huge variety of activities, caring and well trained staff, nutritious home cooked food and a well managed business. I am currently on maternity leave with my second child but have kept my eldest daughter in nursery as it benefits her so much. As an August born child she will be the youngest at school but her language skills and enthusiasm for learning has been further enhanced through Corwen day nursery's excellent staff and facilities.

Michelle Kay

Corwen Day Nursery is such a wonderful place for my children. They genuinely care about their wellbeing and happiness and offer a wide range of interesting and stimulating activities, all within a beautiful setting.

Sheena Corry

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