Language, Literacy and Communication Skills

Children are immersed in language experiences and activities and will be encouraged to communicate their needs, feelings and thoughts. Members of staff encourage children to listen to both adults and other children in conversation, to talk confidently in a variety of situations, to develop an enthusiasm for books of all kinds and to develop early literacy skills. Children will be read to daily in both individual and group situations. We regularly visit the local library where children can enjoy books and select books to read in the nursery. For the first time last year with the support of parents, some children joined the reading challenge and were very proud to receive their medals and certificates. There are a variety of mark making materials both indoors and outdoors and circle time which takes place daily along with show and tell provides the ideal opportunity to both speak and listen. Being a bilingual nursery children are exposed to both Welsh and English on a daily basis.


I had been dreading leaving my first born and going back to work after my maternity leave but after going to the induction at the nursery and seeing how well looked after the children were, I had no doubts about leaving him at the nursery. He has been there for two years now and it's fantastic to see him develop into a well-mannered, fun-loving individual because of what they teach him! I have no doubt that I'll also be sending his sister to the nursery in the Summer term.

Llio Davies

Corwen day nursery provides excellent quality service. Huge variety of activities, caring and well trained staff, nutritious home cooked food and a well managed business. I am currently on maternity leave with my second child but have kept my eldest daughter in nursery as it benefits her so much. As an August born child she will be the youngest at school but her language skills and enthusiasm for learning has been further enhanced through Corwen day nursery's excellent staff and facilities.

Michelle Kay

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