Mathematical Development

Maths isn’t just about number; children are taught about shape, size, capacity, space, money, time and measuring. Activities involving sorting, matching, comparing, making patterns and sequences, baking, planting, board games, number songs and rhymes are featured regularly in the nursery curriculum along with role play and the development of early mathematical and scientific thoughts. We have recently introduced working with the numicon in the preschool room which is a multisensory approach to arithmetic teaching for children. The numicon uses patterns to represent each numeral; these patterns are structured so that number relationships can be seen in a way not provided by written numerals. We also teach children to count with real life objects and we play a lot of guessing games. Children are taught about spatial awareness and introduced to maps and they play with building blocks so that there is an opportunity to learn about shapes and sizes. Number tables have been set up in both preschool rooms and maths has been introduced to dancing.


I cannot praise Corwen Day Nursery enough for the level of care they have provided for my children. Both boys thoroughly enjoy attending. The variety of activities they have on offer is refreshing to see. A massive thank you to all the lovely staff - it makes going to work that little bit easier.

Fay Davies

I had been dreading leaving my first born and going back to work after my maternity leave but after going to the induction at the nursery and seeing how well looked after the children were, I had no doubts about leaving him at the nursery. He has been there for two years now and it's fantastic to see him develop into a well-mannered, fun-loving individual because of what they teach him! I have no doubt that I'll also be sending his sister to the nursery in the Summer term.

Llio Davies

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