Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity

Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity is at the heart of the foundation phase and children will learn about themselves and relationships with others. Children will be able to express their needs confidently and will experience a warm and caring relationship with staff. As they progress with us the children will gradually learn to become more independent by serving their own water and snacks. Children are taught good table manners and etiquette from a young age. Through social play the children come to appreciate the importance of taking others needs and feelings into account and how to form positive relationships with others. They will learn to care for both the immediate environment and the wider world around them. We have set up a self registration system where the children place their picture and name on a happy or sad face dependant on how they feel that day which opens up the opportunity to discuss how they feel. We celebrate different cultures and help children recognise and gain a positive awareness of their own and other cultures as well as appreciating the value of the diversity that exists in multi cultural Wales. The children are supported to become confident, competent and independent thinkers.

Corwen Day Nursery is such a wonderful place for my children. They genuinely care about their wellbeing and happiness and offer a wide range of interesting and stimulating activities, all within a beautiful setting.

Sheena Corry

I feel Corwen Day Nursery go above and beyond in regards to health and well being. Being outdoors is a very important factor for us as a family, and at the nursery the children are encouraged to play outdoors come rain or shine! My little boy loves the outdoor area at the nursery and enjoys their walks and outdoor adventures! The meals provided by the nursery are nutritious, tasty and offer variety. Also, they offer the opportunity to cook and bake with a member of staff and I believe this encourages them to begin to understand what goes into their food and where their food comes from.

Llio Davies

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