Welsh Language Development

The Foundation Phase will be introduced to the children at the nursery through the medium of both Welsh and English. Children will appreciate the different languages, images, objects, sounds and tastes that are integral in Wales today and gain a sense of belonging to Wales, and understand the Welsh heritage, literature and arts as well as the language. Ffrindiau’r Wyddor has been introduced which is a way of learning the Welsh alphabet through singing.

Children will learn to use and communicate in Welsh to the best of their ability and will listen to Welsh being spoken and be encouraged to communicate their needs in Welsh. The children’s oral experiences will be used to develop their reading skills and they will be encouraged to choose and use Welsh reading materials. The nursery is a member of Mudiad Meithrin and attends many of their events. Camau Cerdd have recently delivered a series of sessions at the nursery through the medium of Welsh. The nursery works closely with the two local Welsh schools and transport the older children to and from these schools.

My son is three years old and thoroughly enjoys attending this setting. Hanna is very welcoming which reassures my son when it is time for me to leave on a daily basis. My son enjoys participating in the daily activities that Hanna provides and he likes to tell me what he has been doing. I am very happy with the way that my son is progressing and his literacy and numeracy skills are impressive for a child of his age. It is very reassuring that my son has been so well cared for and that all his needs are being met!

Charlotte Davies

Corwen day nursery provides brilliant care for my two children. The staff are lovely and very helpful. The meals are great. My daughter loves to go to nursery and it's helped her development no end and her transition to rising 3's so much easier.

Kayleigh Hancox

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