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Preschool and Preschool + Rooms

These rooms cater for toddlers and pre scholars and follows themes for approximately six weeks at a time.  There is a key worker system in place and a planned curriculum is put together to meet the individual needs of each child.  The activities provided are designed to give opportunities for teaching and learning both indoors and outdoors.  Children will be given opportunities for developing and learning through both free play and structured learning and will be encouraged to develop as individuals as well as learning the importance of playing together and sharing.  The emphasis will be on what the child can do and learning experiences will build on what each child already knows.  A positive feeling towards learning will encourage children to continue learning and not to be afraid of new experiences.  Children are involved in activity planning and undertake activities planned by us along with those which they have initiated.  The focus tasks incorporate the theme that is followed.  Squiggle whilst you wiggle, dough disco and flapper dancing are all tasks that strengthen muscles in the children’s hands and help them to learn about number and letter formation.

The preschool + room which is exceptionally large and spacious also includes all areas of learning.  Numicon work and writing is included amongst the daily activities up here.  Jolly Phonics is taught in more detail in this room which is a fun and child centred approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics with actions for each of the 42 letter sounds.  This multi sensory method is very motivating for children.  The children who will start full time school in the September will be invited to a graduation ceremony before the summer holidays for an afternoon of celebrations and afternoon tea.

Fantastic nursery. My son has thrived there and they helped get him ready for school.

Liz Rebaudo

Corwen Day Nursery is a fantastic nursery, so many different activities are planned for the children to develop all areas of their development. All staff are friendly, approachable and caring. My daughter loves going there. Diolch yn fawr Meithrinfa Corwen.

Sian Williams

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