Please note that milk is served at snack and water at breakfast, lunch and tea.

Breakfast - 09.15Breakfast - 09.15Breakfast - 09.15Breakfast - 09.15Breakfast - 09.15
Shreddies, rice krispies, weetabix, fresh fruit.Shreddies, rice krispies, weetabix, fresh fruit.Shreddies, rice krispies, weetabix, fresh fruit.Shreddies, rice krispies, weetabix, fresh fruit.Shreddies, rice krispies, weetabix, fresh fruit.
Snack - 10.45Snack - 10.45Snack - 10.45Snack - 10.45Snack - 10.45
Cheese soldiers, fresh fruitBreadsticks, fresh fruitBagels with cheese spread, fresh fruitCrackers with cheese, fruitBreadsticks, fresh fruit
Lunch - 11.45Lunch - 11.45Lunch - 11.45Lunch - 11.45Lunch - 11.45
Pasta with salmon, sweet corn and peasButternut squash risotto with sage, kale and chickpeasRoast chicken, potatoes carrots and broccoliHome made lasagne with onions, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, and home made garlic breadHome made creamy salmon pie with broccoli cauliflower and potatoes
YoghurtHome made sponge cake, fruitYoghurtChocolate brownies with strawberry custardCrackers with cheese, fruit
Snack - 2.15Snack - 2.15Snack - 2.15Snack - 2.15Snack - 2.15
Crackers with cheese, fruitSliced banana sandwich, fresh fruitBreadsticks, fresh fruitCrumpets with butter, fresh fruitYoghurt, fresh fruit
Tea - 3.30Tea - 3.30Tea - 3.30Tea - 3.30Tea - 3.30
Jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings Cheese and crackers carrot & cucumber sticksHam and cheese ToastiesBeans on ToastPasta with meatballs in a tomato sauce
Home made flapjacks and fruitYoghurt and fruitHome made carrot cakeYoghurt and fruitHome made chocolate cornflake cake, fruit

The menu at Corwen Day nursery is of an excellent standard and my son receives a very well balanced diet. The children are encouraged to try all foods and also use good table manners. I believe that the produce used is of a high standard and all dishes are homemade which is impressive! My son brushes his teeth on a daily basis in the nursery setting and only water is provided which is pleasing as I take dental hygiene very seriously. To support his physical development, my son regularly accesses the outdoor area, visits the park and goes for walks. The children are also encouraged to get physical during learning activities and are encouraged to participate in dance and creative activities.

Charlotte Davies

They promote a healthy life style for my child, by catering to her vegetarian diet, also by getting the children to make smoothies etc and engaging them in preparations of healthy foods. Also coupled with the physical activities (walking/playing outside) makes corwen day nursery a good healthy choice for my child.

Anjuna Charlton-Blore

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