The Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase and the seven areas of learning – an overview

We follow The Foundation Phase which has seven areas of learning and is a holistic approach that allows children to learn through play and experience the World around them. It encourages children to be creative and imaginative and makes learning more enjoyable and more effective.
The seven areas of learning will support the development of children and their skills and is not approached in isolation but complement each other and work together to provide a cross-curricular approach to form a practical relevant curriculum.

To be effective children should be able to exercise choice, participate, be involved, initiate and direct their own leaning over a period of time. Children will learn from first hand, exploratory and practical hands on activities and will be appropriately challenged and supported by the staff and learning environment. The learning environment flows between continuous, enhanced and focused activities that reflect and engage children’s interest both indoors and outdoors. Children will be able to choose resources that they wish to play with and develop independence in their learning. Staff will plan developmentally, appropriate engaging learning opportunities informed by regular observation and assessment of children’s abilities.

  1. Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity
  2. Language, Literacy and Communication Skills
  3. Mathematical Development
  4. Welsh Language Development
  5. Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  6. Physical Development
  7. Creative Development

A wonderful venue with fabulous staff who genuinely adore the children in their care. Leaving my daughter at a nursery was something that troubled me at first as she was so much younger than my eldest had been, but getting back to work was a necessity and I struck gold with Corwen Day Nursery. They put my mind at ease from day 1 and my daughter  always had a fabulous time. She's stimulated with crafts, games, socialising and learning through play which she delights in telling me about. She is growing into a strong, sweet 3 year old which I couldn't be prouder of and Corwen Day Nursery has had a big hand in her development toward that. Thank you to you all for just being fab!

Naomi Riley

My son is three years old and thoroughly enjoys attending this setting. Hanna is very welcoming which reassures my son when it is time for me to leave on a daily basis. My son enjoys participating in the daily activities that Hanna provides and he likes to tell me what he has been doing. I am very happy with the way that my son is progressing and his literacy and numeracy skills are impressive for a child of his age. It is very reassuring that my son has been so well cared for and that all his needs are being met!

Charlotte Davies

Corwen day nursery provides brilliant care for my two children. The staff are lovely and very helpful. The meals are great. My daughter loves to go to nursery and it's helped her development no end and her transition to rising 3's so much easier.

Kayleigh Hancox

I cannot praise Corwen Day Nursery enough for the level of care they have provided for my children. Both boys thoroughly enjoy attending. The variety of activities they have on offer is refreshing to see. A massive thank you to all the lovely staff - it makes going to work that little bit easier.

Fay Davies

I had been dreading leaving my first born and going back to work after my maternity leave but after going to the induction at the nursery and seeing how well looked after the children were, I had no doubts about leaving him at the nursery. He has been there for two years now and it's fantastic to see him develop into a well-mannered, fun-loving individual because of what they teach him! I have no doubt that I'll also be sending his sister to the nursery in the Summer term.

Llio Davies

Corwen day nursery provides excellent quality service. Huge variety of activities, caring and well trained staff, nutritious home cooked food and a well managed business. I am currently on maternity leave with my second child but have kept my eldest daughter in nursery as it benefits her so much. As an August born child she will be the youngest at school but her language skills and enthusiasm for learning has been further enhanced through Corwen day nursery's excellent staff and facilities.

Michelle Kay

Corwen Day Nursery is such a wonderful place for my children. They genuinely care about their wellbeing and happiness and offer a wide range of interesting and stimulating activities, all within a beautiful setting.

Sheena Corry

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